What is Reasonworx? 
We are a collective of product innovators and business developers who own, operate, invest in, advise and provide creative services for evolving organizations.
Why you need Reasonworx 
You, us - we are all a part of a new reality -

Your consumers expect more from your brand than they used to.

They need innovation that's more than mere incremental evolution.
They require an emotional connection to what you do that is legitimate
and not just transactional.
They want confidence you understand their priorities.

They want stories that ignite their imaginations.
And, they want products that enable them to feel special, unique, and invincible. 

It's a tall order, no doubt.
The above list might look like the challenges can be solved with savvy marketing efforts, which is partially true.
But strong pattern analysis, and even stronger product ingenuity, are necessary to authenticate your story. This is where Reasonworx comes in.

A partnership - 

We will help you build a productive, sustainable, and refined action plan.
And, if the need is there, we’ll help you act on that plan.

With our track record of success across multiple industries, we come armed with a unique, effective toolbox and a deep pool of resources.

The new market won’t let you win the game if you chose the standard plays. Our playbook will surprise and challenge you, and your business will be better for it. You’ll beat your expectations for profitability and sustainable growth and, most importantly, you'll re-establish the essential, elusive secret handshake with your consumer.

How we can team with you
    Craft a unique, brand-right, successful Go-to-Market Product Plan that's informed, assertive, and precise. It's a requirement that it serve as a platform for growth in future seasons. If a story is good enough for one season, it's good enough to franchise into future opportunity.  We can help you connect the idea to the implementation and ensure your sales campaign priorities match those of your product and finance teams
    Bring groundbreaking solutions that will give you a distinct advantage against the competition in servicing your consumers' performance expectation and capturing their imaginations.
    Build a 3-5 year growth plan that is profitable, progressive, and leaves room for creative modification along the way. How many brands do you know, who either don't have, or don't follow, a 3-5 year plan? You will instantly have power your competition is missing.  Go further - Ground the plan with comprehensive business development where the right hand fully understands the left hand.
    Find the common ground between you and a brand whose consumer you want access to - in a compelling way that is both brand-right, and rich with downstream potential.  We will help you model what this Reach creates for your core and future revenue streams.
    Your data is only as good as your ability to interpret and act on it. We will help you find the white space and capitalize on its potential using objective criteria, innovative cross-industry tools and macro trending insights.  Why stop there?  We will help your create dashboards from which to read and act on while managing your business.
    It is easy to fall into a supply chain trap that leaves you with few alternatives and drains precious human resources. We can help you optimize your source base, and find capable and talented new partners with whom you can grow. Then we will go one step further and help you build a sustainable, reasonable demand plan.  Demand planning is not about inventory planning.  It is about investment allocation. 
Innovations, Products,
and Projects
​​The Core Team
From a very early age I was interested in the principle of biodiversity as a means to ensure the healthy evolution of living things. And, while my life interests took me away from continuing the study of biology, I remained driven by notions of intellectual and experiential diversity as a means to ensure a different sort of healthy evolution. Illustrative of that philosophy, after university I became a bicycle tour guide, a participant in the explosion of micro brewing , and a welder for a premium bicycle brand. Later, after grad school, I found myself designing hands on science exhibitions for legendary institutions, and running a university digital design, media arts, and electrical engineering program. 
In 2006, I answered the long standing call to join the outdoor industry where I put to good use the dynamic and rich background I’d cultivated.
My success has always been grounded in my ability to access diverse ideas and solutions. The future of your business, of my business, hinges on doing things in new ways and entertaining solutions inspired by areas outside of our comfort zones.​
In the late 80's my first business was recognized as Flint Journal Paper Carrier of the month. It was a big deal.  In the early 90's I was hired as the Director of Tire and Oil Changes at the family business.  After graduate school and a stint teaching at University, I punched the Big 4 stamp to start my career. In 2002, I learned how to interpret how new federal policy creates markets and was a first mover in launching a specialty consulting practice that landed me in Northern Europe by Fall and riding pow on Mt Hood in the winter.  After 5 years in consulting, I entered a new period of my work in publicly traded companies competing in the energy and outdoor industries.  As a business developer, I have managed through the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly these past 10 years in complex growth environments.  Meanwhile, I found my way into a few good ideas and launched 2 successful businesses located in Portland and Salt Lake City.  Finally after 17+ years in the game, I am where I am meant to be: owning, operating, and advising evolving businesses.  Let's talk about your next project and how we can collaborate.
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